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Senior Software Engineer, DevOps

Redwood City, CA
APPLY HERE: https://grnh.se/8e386dac1us
We're looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to fill the mission-critical role of ensuring that our complex, web-scale systems are healthy, monitored, automated, and designed to scale. You will be a part of a team with a mission to build, innovate and maintain technology for running our e-commerce platform. You will use your background as an operations generalist to work closely with our development teams from the early stages of design all the way through identifying and resolving production issues. You will also believe that automation is a key component to operating large-scale systems.
6-Month Accomplishments
  • Get familiar with the Poshmark ecosystem, i.e., application tech stack, Infrastructure, automation tools, etc.
  • Help optimize current tools/environments used for various DevOps/SRE needs to meet growing demand from different teams.
  • Identify gaps in the current environment and investigate better design ideas.
  • Start exploring design ideas for multi-region provisioning of application.
12+ Month Accomplishments
  • Come up with a multi-region strategy and help finalize approaches for existing tools and Infrastructure.
  • Help minimize new env creation time with meaningful automation by making it more agile.
  • Drive engineering quality, rigor, vision, and planning for a foundational platform organization 
  • Help architect and deliver large foundational Infrastructure at web-scale, efficiency, and reliability (i.e. compute platforms, cloud environments, service discovery, platform as a service infrastructure, Kubernetes).
  • Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor custom applications in a large-scale UNIX environment.
  • Work closely with development teams to ensure that platforms are designed with "operability" and scalability in mind.
  • Function well in a fast-paced, rapidly-changing environment.
  • Participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation.
Desired Skills
  • 4+ years experience working in a DevOps, Site Service Reliability Engineering (SRE), or Operations role.
  • Strong familiarity with container based deployments and orchestration tools (i.e. Kubernetes).
  • Strong  with Cloud Platforms and related tooling: AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible etc.
  • Experience in a scripting language (Python, etc.).
  • Experience with Linux operating systems internals.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong intuition about system design, robustness, and scalability.
  • Can troubleshoot problems with existing code and systems.
Technologies we use:
  •   Ruby, JavaScript, NodeJs, Tomcat, Nginx, HaProxy.
  •   Terraform, Jenkins, Datadog, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, and other DevOps tools.
  •   MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch.
  •   Amazon Web Services (EC2, SES, CloudFront, S3, VPC, EKS etc.)
APPLY HERE: https://grnh.se/8e386dac1us

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